PRED-271 Going to a hot spring with my lover when my wife goes on a business trip

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I am a married person, but our relationship has cooled off a long time ago. During this time, I met Aika, a beautiful, gentle girl who always listened to my feelings. On the occasion of my wife's business trip, Aika and I went to a hot spring together. Looking back, this was the first time we spent the night together like this. As soon as we arrived, Aika immediately wanted me to fuck her. Unable to resist, we immediately started making love and I discharged all the sperm that had accumulated for so long into her. But this was just the beginning, we continued to fuck in the bathroom, Aika used her body to wash me, and fucked in positions that my wife had never done before! After knowing that I wanted to have a child with my wife, Aika immediately wanted me to cum inside her even more, she wanted to be the first to carry my child! Aika wants me to divorce my wife so we can be together forever. Even though I love Aika very much, I don't want to divorce my current wife...